Groundforce offers Masonry Services and Hardscaping Services to enhance your Courtenay property. Structural Masonry and Hardscape stonework is both built to last and built to beautify your yard.

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Providing the finest in Masonry Services & Hardscaping Services in Courtenay BC.

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We design & install Interior Stone-Faced Walls and Fireplaces

Groundforce both designs new, unique fire places from the hearth up and redesigns existing fireplaces in need of a facelift. A fireplace brings warmth to your home in more than one way. A new fireplace adds a new dimension and new ambience.

New ambience is also achieved with a the addition of a Feature Wall in Stone. A stone clad wall or wall section can add that special something to your home. The warmth and grandness of a stone entryway draws people into any room. Stone walls are also a natural sounding for wine cellars and family entertainment bar areas..

Groundforce will do it all as the Fireplace renovations include demolition, repainting, re-framing for wall cladding, the addition of supports for TV panels, supplying conduits for wiring and  creating new mantles, making the whole experience worry free.

Try our stone boulder and stone column installation services.

Designed to make a statement!

Hardscape uses Stone Boulders and Stone Columns, that are weathered by nature to enhance, define and dignify the natural beauty of your garden or yard. We offer a myriad of choices and combinations and our professional design team to collaborate with you to design your very own personal look.

Groundforce uses locally quarried basalt, granite and other types of stone combining functionality and elegance when using natural hardscape features used in your yard design.

We offer Basalt which is  available in a variety shades from grey to browns and rust, giving opportunity to choose and create a very personal space.

Then there is Granite, which is a much harder and tougher rock. Granite comes in shades of grey to shades that are pinkish in colour.

There is also Natural stones to choose from. Natural stone can be smooth or rough, polished or chiselled in appearance.

Groundforce Proudly Offers Courtenay Masonry & Hardscaping Services

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