This sloping corner lot overlooking Vancouver offered several challenges. The project was unique because of the amount of site preparation that was required. The first order of business was to install the perimeter retaining walls, which we had to work from to gain access to all parts of the yard.

To increase functional flat space it was decided that Basalt retaining walls would be used to tier the property from the lower street, up to the higher back lane. Tumble concreted paving stone pathways linked Basalt veneered staircases together. These stairs were incorporated directly into the retaining walls. Custom radiused limestone stair treads were fabricated to cap the stair risers.

A patio extending off the back of the house was paved with large format limestone pavers and retained with a poured concrete courtyard wall. The courtyard wall was faced with basalt veneer, and capped with limestone.

Lighting was incorporated into the post caps, stair treads, and courtyard wall coping to provide a soft grazing effect on the masonry, and safely illuminate the stairs in the evening.

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